General Terms and Conditions


Markus Biehl (hereinafter referred to as “CHRISTCONNECTS”) operates the APP CHRISTCONNECTS. The services of CHRISTCONNECTS: member directory, churches, home groups, events etc.. The website and the associated services are hereinafter referred to as CHRISTCONNECTS. By using the CHRISTCONNECTS APP and website and registering as a customer/user, the customer/user accepts the following general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) when using the services of CHRISTCONNECTS. The User may access and print the GTC at any time under the websites operated by CHRISTCONNECTS via the accessible link.

1 Scope of application

1.1 The scope of these GTC includes all APP’s and website operated by CHRISTCONNECTS. This also includes all services provided by CHRISTCONNECTS.

1.2 Most of the content on CHRISTCONNECTS is freely accessible to all. However, for the extended services on CHRISTCONNECTS a registration or conclusion of a contract (point 2 and 3 of the GTC) is necessary (partly with costs).

1.3 Upon successful registration, the Customer/User enters into a contract with Markus Biehl (CHRISTCONNECTS) for the use of CHRISTCONNECTS services. The contact details as well as the name of a person authorized to represent CHRISTCONNECTS can be found in the imprint.

1.4 Separate agreements apply to certain services and services, when using these services the customer/user will be informed separately. Such separate conditions then take precedence over the general terms and conditions in the general terms and conditions for the use of these services and services deviating regulations.

1.5 For registered customers/users, the General Terms and Conditions in the version current at the time of registration shall apply. CHRISTCONNECTS reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without giving reasons. CHRISTCONNECTS will notify the registered Customer/User of any changes to the General Terms and Conditions in a timely manner. If the Customer/User does not object to the application of the new General Terms and Conditions within 6 weeks after notification, the amended General Terms and Conditions shall be deemed accepted by the Customer/User. CHRISTCONNECTS will inform the Customer/User in the notification about his/her right to object and the significance of the objection period.

1.6 The customer/user is informed that all contents on CHRISTCONNECTS as well as on the websites operated by Markus Biehl are subject to copyright. It is prohibited to change, remove or copy logos, brand names, programs, media, products, names or other information in the content. The use of the content offered on CHRISTCONNECTS – with the exception of the possibilities provided by CHRISTCONNECTS for own or for third party commercial purposes requires the prior written consent of CHRISTCONNECTS.

1.7 CHRISTCONNECTS shall make the data and information provided by the Customer/User available to other Customers/Users only to the extent that such data and information do not violate any statutory provisions or these General Terms and Conditions. CHRISTCONNECTS is entitled to remove illegal content on CHRISTCONNECTS.

1.8 CHRISTCONNECTS is allowed to interrupt the placement of content immediately if there are indications that the content or any linked target pages and/or the environment of the target pages are illegal and/or violate the rights of third parties. Evidence of illegality and/or infringement of rights shall exist in particular if authorities and/or other third parties take measures of any kind against the site operator and/or against the customer and these measures are based on the allegation of illegality and/or infringement of rights. The interruption of the circuit shall be lifted as soon as the suspicion of illegality and/or infringement has been dispelled.

2.1 Free registration (user)

2.1.1 The User must register for the extended services of CHRISTCONNECTS. The registration is free of charge. For registration the User needs a valid e-mail address, residential address and telephone number.

2.1.2 The User warrants that all data provided by him during registration are true and complete. The User shall not provide pseudonyms or pen names, false addresses and telephone numbers.

2.1.3 The service of CHRISTCONNECTS subject to registration is intended exclusively for private persons of legal age. The User warrants that he/she has reached the age of majority at the time of registration.

2.1.4 When registering, the User chooses a free password. He/she is obliged to keep his/her password secret and not to disclose it to third parties. CHRISTCONNECTS shall not disclose the password to third parties and shall not ask the User for the password at any time.

2.1.5 The completed registration will be concluded via a confirmation link. The User will receive this link via a confirmation e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided during registration. The contract of use and membership in the CHRISTCONNECTS network is concluded upon activation of this confirmation link.

2.1.6 Each user may register only once and create only one user profile. In case of non-compliance, the user’s IP address will be blocked for an indefinite period of time.

2.1.7 CHRISTCONNECTS is technically not able to determine whether a registered user on CHRISTCONNECTS is actually the person the user claims to be. Therefore, CHRISTCONNECTS does not assume any liability for the actual identity of a user.

2.1.8 There is no legal right for private users to register.

2.2 Assurances during the free registration (User)

2.2.1 The User gets an access to the CHRISTCONNECTS APP, which provides the following options: Create personal profile, add and manage friends, search church, house groups and events, messenger function. For future planned enhancements, unless otherwise specified, the user will automatically receive access. (This does not include the options of the services reserved for the paid ones).

2.2.2 The user agrees that his data will be transmitted to the respective congregations, house groups or persons in the case of a write-up of persons, congregations or house groups.

3.1 Chargeable services for congregations and house groups

3.1.1 The Customer must conclude a contract with CHRISTCONNECTS for the chargeable service of CHRISTCONNECTS. For the fulfillment of the contract the customer needs a valid e-mail address, telephone number, address data and contact data (first name, last name).

3.1.2 The Customer warrants that all data provided by him/her upon conclusion of the contract are true and complete. The Customer shall not provide pseudonyms, false addresses and telephone numbers. In case of false statements or untruthful information, the account will be deleted without prior notice. The deletion also includes all events as well as contacts of the respective customer without refund of the fee.

3.1.3 Contracts for entries on CHRISTCONNECTS are bindingly concluded for a term of 1 month. Invoices can be found in the respective Apple or Google stores.

3.1.4 CHRISTCONNECTS is technically not able to determine whether a registered customer on CHRISTCONNECTS actually represents the person the customer claims to be. CHRISTCONNECTS therefore does not guarantee the actual identity of a Customer.

3.1.5 The Contract will automatically terminate if the Customer’s payment is discontinued.

3.1.6 The Account will be suspended until payment is made.

3.1.7 Customers do not have a legal right to register.

3.1.8 CHRISTCONNECTS reserves the right to valorize the fee for registration annually and to inform the Customer of the current rate by sending a reminder e-mail. If the Customer does not object to the increase of the fee within 2 weeks, the valorized fee shall be deemed to be agreed.

3.1.9 Extraordinary Termination: CHRISTCONNECTS is entitled to terminate the contract for good cause by unilateral declaration at any time with immediate effect. An important reason exists in particular if insolvency proceedings have been opened against the Customer’s assets or if the opening of such proceedings has been rejected due to lack of cost-covering assets, if the Customer violates essential contractual provisions, does not comply with legal regulations, if the reputation of the services offered on CHRISTCONNECTS is considerably impaired by the Customer’s presence, if the Customer advertises for associations or communities or their methods or activities which are observed by security or youth protection authorities, if the Customer harms one or more other customers.

3.2 Assurances in the case of chargeable services

3.2.1 Create Communities and House Groups. (House groups are limited with a number of 20 persons, congregations have an unlimited number of persons).

3.2.2 Congregations and house groups can create events that are automatically displayed in the search and on their own profile page. Events can also be displayed only on the church or house group page.

3.2.3 People can send a request to join, the administrator of the corresponding church or house group can approve or reject it. In case of approval, the church will appear in the user’s profile. (The user can show or hide the group membership in his profile settings).

3.2.4 There is no entitlement to benefits and promotions that occur after registration.

3.2.5 The customer makes sure that all entries created by him or his employees are in accordance with the country-specific jurisdiction.

4 Obligations of the Customer/User

4.1 The Customer/User is obliged,

4.1.1 to provide only true information in his account and in his communication with other users, no pseudonyms may be used in CHRISTCONNECTS.

4.1.2 to use only photos and video material for which he has the unrestricted rights of use. The Customer/User shall ensure that the publication of the photos on CHRISTCONNECTS is permitted.

4.1.3 to observe the applicable laws and all rights of third parties when using the content and services on CHRISTCONNECTS. In particular, the Customer/User is prohibited from,

  • use insulting or defamatory content,
  • use, advertise, offer or distribute pornographic content, content glorifying violence or content that violates the laws for the protection of minors,
  • to harass other users unreasonably (especially through spam),
  • use content protected by law (e.g. copyright, trademark, patent law) without being authorized to do so, or advertise, offer or distribute goods or services protected by law, or
  • to perform or promote anti-competitive actions.

4.2 The following actions are prohibited to the user:

  • Use of mechanisms, software or scripts in connection with the use of CHRISTCONNECTS.
  • Any action that is likely to impair the functionality of CHRISTCONNECTS, in particular to overload it.

5 Customer Generated Content

5.1 The Customer may upload and store texts, images, drawings, documents and/or other content (hereinafter “Content”) on CHRISTCONNECTS within the offered Service.

5.2 The data released by the Customer in connection with his profile serve the profile presentation of the respective Customer for the purpose of participation on CHRISTCONNECTS. The Customer himself decides on the content and, in some areas, the scope of the presentation of his account. CHRISTCONNECTS only accepts the data entered and released by the Customer. CHRISTCONNECTS does not give any guarantee about the function of the integration (WEBSITE integration), problems arising here are to be clarified with the responsible person who created the Customer’s website.

5.3 The Customer is responsible for the content provided in this context. Information provided by the Customer will not be checked by CHRISTCONNECTS for content, correctness or legal conformity before publication.

5.4 The Customer himself decides which photos are to be used for profile and group presentations and makes them available to CHRISTCONNECTS for the purpose of publication on the CHRISTCONNECTS PAGES and in the CHRISTCONNECTS network. The Customer undertakes not to post any photos in the profile and on the APP which contain pornographic, inhuman, racist or offensive depictions. CHRISTCONNECTS does not carry out a preliminary check with regard to the respective content. The Customer grants CHRISTCONNECTS the right to use the photos released as profile pictures for the creation of the respective user profile or in CHRISTCONNECTS own publications (online and offline). This also includes the integrated website.

6 Copyrights

6.1 In particular, the Customer undertakes to use only his own texts, photos or videos or those to which corresponding rights to publication exist.

6.2 By posting texts, pictures, drawings, documents or other content, the Customer/User grants CHRISTCONNECTS non-exclusive, temporally and spatially unlimited rights of exploitation and use as well as other rights necessary for the performance of the contract to reproduce, distribute, transmit, reproduce, make accessible and to extract from a database and retrieve the content provided by the User on the CHRISTCONNECTS and the CHRISTCONNECTS network, but also in print media and online media of all kinds. This also includes the unlimited right of CHRISTCONNECTS to use for the purpose of self-promotion, such as in the context of an archive or for presentations. This mentioned granting of rights includes in particular a use of the contents in e-mail newsletters, as well as for publication via the further platforms of CHRISTCONNECTS and for the portals and print media of Markus Biehl. CHRISTCONNECTS may edit, reproduce, distribute, make publicly available, broadcast and otherwise use or exploit the material to the extent necessary for uses pursuant to the preceding sentence. Within the offered services, posted material may also be presented, highlighted and evaluated editorially.

7 Changes of the Services on CHRISTCONNECTS

CHRISTCONNECTS reserves the right to change the services offered on CHRISTCONNECTS or to offer different services.

8 Term and Termination of Membership (Users)

8.1 The membership exists for an indefinite period of time and ends with the cessation of the monthly or annual payment.

8.2 The User may terminate his membership at any time without giving reasons.

8.3 Extraordinary termination: CHRISTCONNECTS is entitled to terminate the contract for important reasons by unilateral declaration at any time with immediate effect. The User violates essential provisions of the contract, does not comply with legal regulations, the reputation of the services offered on CHRISTCONNECTS is significantly impaired by the User’s presence, the User promotes associations or communities or their methods or activities that are observed by security or youth protection authorities, the User harms one or more other Users.

8.4 If there is an important reason, CHRISTCONNECTS may also impose the following sanctions on the User, regardless of termination:

  • Deletion of content posted by the User,
  • Issuance of a warning or
  • Blocking of access to the services of CHRISTCONNECTS.

9 Responsibility for content, data and/or information provided by customers/users.

9.1 CHRISTCONNECTS assumes no responsibility for the content, data and/or information provided by CHRISTCONNECTS’ customers/users, or for the content and designs on linked external websites. In particular, CHRISTCONNECTS does not warrant that such content is true, serves a particular purpose, or can serve such a purpose.

9.2 To the extent that the Customer/User notices any use of CHRISTCONNECTS (including the use of pseudonyms or deceptive identities) in violation of the law or this Agreement, the Customer/User may report it using the email accessible on the

10 Customer Service/Support

The Customer/User may submit questions and explanations to CHRISTCONNECTS by email or letter.

Address: Markus Biehl (CHRISTCONNECTS), Königsbergerstrasse 11, 7423 Pinkafeld, Austria.

11 Disclaimer

CHRISTCONNECTS is not liable for any damages that may occur due to errors, delays or interruptions in the transmission, in case of malfunctions of the technical equipment and service, incorrect content (editorial, grammatical or other programming errors), loss or deletion of data, viruses or in any other way to customers/users. CHRISTCONNECTS is not liable for damages caused by actions of third parties or force majeure.

12 Indemnification and hold harmless

12.1 The Customer/User shall indemnify and hold CHRISTCONNECTS harmless from and against any and all claims, including claims for damages, asserted by other users or other third parties against CHRISTCONNECTS due to an infringement of their rights by the content posted by the Customer/User on CHRISTCONNECTS. The Customer/User shall pay to CHRISTCONNECTS all reasonable costs incurred due to an infringement of third party rights, including reasonable costs incurred for legal defense. All further rights as well as claims for damages of CHRISTCONNECTS remain unaffected. The customer/user has the right to prove that CHRISTCONNECTS actually incurred lower costs. The above obligations of the Customer/User shall not apply if the Customer/User is not responsible for the infringement in question.

12.2 If third party rights are infringed by the Customer’s content, the Customer shall, at CHRISTCONNECTS’s option, obtain the right to use the content at the Customer’s own expense, or shall render the content free of proprietary rights. If the use of CHRISTCONNECTS’ services by the Customer/User violates the rights of third parties, the Customer shall immediately cease the use in violation of the contract and/or the law upon CHRISTCONNECTS’ request.

13 Data Protection

CHRISTCONNECTS is obligated to maintain confidentiality of all information and data obtained in the performance of an order, unless it has been released from its obligation in writing by the Customer/User. CHRISTCONNECTS therefore observes all relevant legal data protection regulations. The personal data of the Customer/User will be stored and processed on CHRISTCONNECTS APP for the performance of the Services and Services. CHRISTCONNECTS also uses the collected data to provide the corresponding registered Customer/User with the requested information, to provide support through the CHRISTCONNECTS Customer Service and to improve the CHRISTCONNECTS APP and Services. In particular, CHRISTCONNECTS shall not disclose the personal data of the Customers/Users to third parties without authorization or otherwise bring them to the attention of third parties. Details on the processing of the Customer’s/User’s data are regulated in the CHRISTCONNECTS Privacy Policy, which can be accessed from any of the CHRISTCONNECTS. The Customer/User expressly agrees that CHRISTCONNECTS may use the membership as a preference and use it for advertising purposes.

14 Final Provisions

14.1 The contract with the Customer/User is exclusively based on these General Terms and Conditions. This shall apply irrespective of any references by the Customer/User to his own General Terms and Conditions of any kind whatsoever, which are in contradiction to these General Terms and Conditions, which shall have no legal effect whatsoever, irrespective of whether, when and in what form they were brought to the attention of CHRISTCONNECTS. Agreements deviating from individual points of these GTC are only effective for these and require the prior explicit and written confirmation of CHRISTCONNECTS in order to be valid. Silence to the GTC of the Customer/User shall in no case be deemed as consent to the validity of these GTC by CHRISTCONNECTS.

14.2 If individual provisions of these GTC are invalid, the contract shall nevertheless remain in force. The validity of all other provisions shall remain unaffected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision which comes closest to the purpose of the invalid provision.

14.3 Place of performance is the registered office of Markus Biehl ( in Pinkafeld.

14.4 Place of jurisdiction is the registered office of Markus Biehl ( and Oberwart.

14.5 Austrian law shall apply to the exclusion of international private law and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Version 30.06.2018